Can I shore up my skin at the Jersey Shore?

Will the seawater improve my skin health?

We all LOVE the Jersey Shore - and for good reason! The boardwalk, the sand, the salt air, the ocean - I could go on and on! And medical benefits have long been attributed to time spent at the seashore - but how about skin health - most notably the seawater... a question I'm asked by family and friends alike when at the shore!

Seawater is very dependent on location - the salt content of most seawater is around 3.5%. In general, it contains sodium salts, trace metals, and elements all considered to be marginally beneficial to the skin. The benefits seen are as an emollient, mostly to improve skin hydration. The research is really lacking showing other ways of skin improvement by seawater, with one great exception... The Dead Sea!

The Dead Sea has almost 10 times the salt content of normal seawater and has a higher content of magnesium chloride and calcium chloride - shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant boosting and skin smoothing qualities.

In a study of people with eczema, Dead Sea soaks significantly improved skin hydration, roughness and redness compared with tap water-treated controls. In a study of 20 women, a Dead Sea mineral solution decreased skin roughness by 40% compared with the same solution without the Dead Sea minerals. In another study a Dead Sea mineral solution showed a reduction in periorbital wrinkle depth compared with untreated controls. Pretty promising but more research needs to be done!

So, remember the sunscreen!!! Enjoy the shore and until you plan your vacation to the Dead Sea - we have plenty of proven options at The Garden Medical Spa to maximize skin health :)

  • Dr Mirmanesh