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IPL Photofacial, June 2017

At The Garden, we use one of the most advanced IPL machines in the world, the Lumenis M22. It allows us to focus an intense light source using different filters ranging in wavelength from 400-1300 nm to target components in the skin that lead to the results our clients expect and we strive to provide.

As we age, we accumulate red spots (telangiectasias, cherry angiomas, etc) and dark spots (lentigos, nevi etc) that are a result of sun exposure and grandfather time. An IPL Photofacial is a proven, tried and true method to rid this background noise on your skin and allow your complexion to shine through.

It may take more than one treatment (or may not) but rest assured, as with every thing at The Garden, the result and your safety are what matter the most!

We also believe in price transparency, our IPL Photofacial is priced at $300.00. Keep an eye on our blog, facebook, and every other form of social media for specials :)

Here is a link provided by Lumenis showing the background noise going bye-bye!


  • Dr. Mirmanesh