Natural Facial Redness Reduction!

DIY, Natural Facial Redness Reduction!

As the leaves change and the weather cools, facial flushing and redness are common complaints we hear at The Garden. We often treat rosacea and facial spider vessels with the appropriate laser, but there are many clients who develop temporary facial redness during the fall/winter season. Unfortunately, unless the facial redness persists, these clients are not candidates for laser phototherapy. So why does this redness occur and what else can be done about it?!

Within your skin, the inflammatory cascade is triggered, causing dilation of the microscopic blood vessels near the skin surface. This is the crux of what leads to the dreaded facial redness. The facial redness can become even more obvious if your skin is showing signs of barrier damage. While pigmented moisturizers and foundations can quickly mask this change, there are two main ways to effectively treat the redness, making you more comfortable in your bare skin. 

First is barrier enhancement, meaning adding to the natural protective coating your skin is meant to provide. An excellent barrier enhancer is aloe vera. Its natural viscous properties provide this effect for the skin. We love aloe vera for its redness reduction, and in addition to the magic of its gel component, it works as an anti-inflammatory as well! More about that below!

Next is the aforementioned anti-inflammatories -effectively constricting those dilated vessels. Green tea, a delicious beverage, also is packed with a micronutrient called polyphenol. Polyphenols are a well proven anti-inflammatory and often included in over the counter anti-redness formulations. For the DIY’ers out there, grab some ROOM TEMPERATURE green tea, put it on a soft towel and apply it to those red areas for up to 15 minutes. Do be mindful not to apply hot tea to your face and despite the green tea being overly successful there are reports of irritation, so be careful!

Back to aloe vera! Aloe vera also contains choline salicylate, a well-known anti-inflammatory similar to aspirin. So there it is – Aloe vera is a 2 for 1 for facial redness. Apply away and if concerns arise for persistent redness in need of laser phototherapy, Let us know!

-The Garden Team