Your best chin!

Double Chin improvement with Kybella?

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is a naturally occurring injectable that is FDA approved to reduce unwanted neck fat. In the right patient - it can provide tremendous results!

Deoxycholic acid is a compound produced in the digestive tract to breakdown fat and that is exactly what it is meant to do with neck fat. However, it has only been shown to work with the specific neck fat that is just below the skin. In addition, skin tightening after Kybella injection is minimal.

The recent published scientific literature has shown that 1 - 2 vials per session and 1 - 2 injection sessions can provide the results most patients desire.

The injection session is relatively quick (less than 30 minutes) with a short lasting burning sensation cited as the most common adverse effect. Swelling and bruising have been known to persist for a couple weeks, so we do not recommend it just prior to a big event.

Final results are usually seen at 6 - 8 weeks after each injection session.

At The Garden, we want our patient's to be educated about the product, the procedure, the results, and the potential side effects - education and individual evaluations are done to make sure every treatment we
do will give patients the results they desire :)

  • Dr. Mirmanesh